How It Works

Google Grant

If your church is a registered charity, then it qualifies for a Google Grant. The grant provides charities an allowance of free Google advertising each month.

Use your Website

We create a page for your church website with your own presentation of the Gospel and a contact form for people to directly email their questions to you.

Expert Advertising

We create and run your adverts using the latest expertise on how to reach new people who are searching for truth.



Connect with people all over the UK, giving your church the opportunity to take part in national outreach together with other Kingdom-minded churches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As a part of the Google Ad Grants program, Google offers up to $10,000 (USD) in ad credit per month to qualifying organisations. CV Outreach exists to present the Gospel and connect seekers to the church. CV Outreach places a Gospel presentation landing page on your church’s website and directs all ad traffic towards that page.

Where do I start?

Steps to becoming a member of CV Outreach

  • Registered Charity
  • Domain/URL ownership and functioning website.
  • Register yourself, and your church with TT- Exchange
    • Use your charity number 
  • Provide a CV team member with your TT-Exchange validation token, church and website details.
    • Provide a responder email
Where is the Gospel Landing Page Built?

It’s hosted on your website. Typically, the form of the address will be Our team will help with the technical set-up of the landing page.

Where does Google's $10k go?

The Google Ad Grants program works like this. “If you’re a qualifying nonprofit, you’ll receive $10,000 USD in in-kind AdWords advertising every month.” This means that you are allotted up to $10k/month, as long as you are able to optimise your ads and site traffic to fully access this resource. CV has a team of experienced digital marketers that will do this on your behalf.

Can’t I just do this myself?

Yes you can. Many churches we’ve been in touch with, who have previously utilised the Google Grants program, have found they are unable to spend the necessary time needed to fully take advantage of the grant. CV provides valuable experience at no cost to ensure your grant is being maximised.

What Does the Gospel Landing Page Look Like?

We have built two examples to help give you an idea of what your page could look like. 

Example 1

Example 2

Are There Conditions? Or Commitments?

We expect a member of your pastoral staff to engage with each person who contacts your church through the Gospel Landing Page. It should be someone who is able to answer questions on faith and life issues with confidence.

We require that you are in agreement with our statement of faith. This can be found at the bottom of this page:

If at any point you realize this isn’t a good fit, leaving the project is as easy as letting us know.

Can I look at the keywords?

Keywords are used to find any searches in Google to do with faith and God. This is a pretty long list and we refine it as we go along.

But, everything we do, we do with an ‘open hand’, so, we’re happy to share with you our current set of keywords, should you wish to see it.

How Much Does this Cost?

CV Outreach is 100% forever free.  CV is a fully self-funded charity. We guarantee that at no point, will you be asked for funds or payment of any sort.

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