Who We Are

CV Outreach is one of CV’s key projects to fulfil our vision:

To introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers.


CV’s heart and passion is to introduce people to Jesus and utilise the newest missionfield, the Internet. It’s an exciting opportunity and our mission is twofold. Firstly, to be pioneers of Internet mission. Seeking to discover new and effective ways to reach people.

Secondly, and of equal importance, we want to champion you and your church to discover the ripe harvest online too. CV Outreach has been created to do just that.

CV Global

CV is not only in the UK. Originally founded in 1988, CV now ministers in more than 35 countries around the world with a global vision to introduce 1 billion people to Jesus. You can learn much more about CV’s global efforts, our history, leaders and values at cvglobal.co

The CV Outreach story so far..

As a ministry, we have a long history of reaching people online using various strategies. Having found that there are so many desperately seeking truth and hope, we have been working on new ideas to engage others in online mission, as the need is so great.

CV Outreach is a project birthed out of our American office. The team realised that just as we used a Google Grant to spread the Gospel ourselves, if churches everywhere utilised a Google Grant for the Gospel, together we could reach so many more people!

Seeing great success in the US, we launched CV Outreach in the UK at the beginning of 2017 and churches are already seeing great fruit in this country.

This program is an amazing way to effectively share the gospel from your church or ministry website.  I love it!

Matt Brown

Evangelist, ThinkE.org

Most organizations are struggling to reach this generation. They are concerned that millennials are obsessed with social media and connecting online. In the same way that Paul went to Mars Hill to proclaim the gospel, because that’s where the people were, Christian Vision has taken the gospel online, because that where this generation is. Billy Graham said, “The methods always change. But the message doesn’t.” This is why I am thankful for Christian Vision.

Grant Skeldon

Initiative Network